Community Responsibility

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Dr Woo, Dr Yung, and the Team!

Dr. Edmond Woo and Dr. Dorothy Yung are committed to providing excellent dental care to patients in the New Westminster and Burnaby area. However, their help is not limited to the office.

As of 1990, Dr. Woo and Dr. Yung have given continue to give back to the community; whether it be through volunteer work at a free community dental clinic or even through their annual Christmas hamper drives.

Christmas Hamper Drive

Dr. Woo and Dr. Yung are proud of the Christmas hamper contributions that patients, staff, and themselves have been able to raise for those in need, every single year.

Previously the Dr’s collected cans for food bank donation. They now collect and match cash donations made to effectively DOUBLE the donated amount!

For the coming years, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk about how you can help!

San Quintin Dental Mission

  • Dr. Woo, Dr. Yung, and the San Quintin Team!

In the summer of 2017, Dr. Woo, Dr. Yung, and several other dentists travelled to San Quintin, a small rural town in Mexico. This little town was in dire need of dental services, thus the dentists provided much needed dental work to the most vulnerable.

In situations where finding access to proper housing or even food is difficult, receiving dental treatment is not a priority on anyone mind. Very many of the cases that Dr. Woo and Dr. Yung had treated during their stay, in San Quintin, were simple oral conditions that were not able to be treated due to a lack of resources. These problems festered and led to debilitating symptoms which impacted their daily lives. However, with the doctors’ expert advice and treatments, people were able to be pain free and also stay that way.