Office Philosophy & Policy

“We are committed to offering every patient personalized, compassionate care in conjunction with a treatment plan that is based on their clinical needs as well as their own dental vision”

Informed Consent

  • Thorough dental evaluation
  • Establish realistic expectations
  • Needs versus wants, financial, emotional, physical…
  • Long-term plan

Thank you for your trust in becoming our patient. We promise to continually strive to maintain your confidence.

In order to maintain our standard of care to a level which best serves your dental needs, we ask you to please observe the following current office policies: 2016/17

Policy pertaining to missed appointment, short notice cancellations and “no shows”

2 full business days’ notice is required and cancellations left on office voice mail will not be accepted to change any scheduled appointment.

Appointments are considered CONFIRMED when booked.

Our office will gladly provide the patient with a courtesy reminder up to 2 days prior to the appointment.

A cancellation fee will be charged according to the amount of time booked for the reserved appointment.

Insurance companies do not cover fees for broken appointments; therefore, payment is the patient’s or guardian’s responsibility. (Current fee suggested by the BC dental Association is $105/hour).

Patient Responsibility

The patient/ responsible guardian must provide updated medical history, dental plan changes, address and telephone changes BEFORE the scheduled appointment since any new information can adversely affect the feasibility of that appointment as well as affecting additional costs to the patient/responsible guardian.

Please note that not all services rendered are covered by insurance carrier and every insurance plan has its own unique “quirks” and exceptions.

The patient/ responsible guardian is financially responsible to the clinic for the treatment costs IN ENTIRETY.   Though our clinic will accept insurance payment assignment for most incidences be aware that any amounts for whatever reason not covered by the patient’s insurance carrier is legally owed by the patient/ responsible guardian.

Payments are due when treatment has been rendered unless prior financial arrangement has been made. The payment contract must be signed and validated by Dr. Woo or Dr. Yung.

Be advised that current credit card interest rate will be applied to balances owing on account 30 days and over.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance companies NEVER contact/notify dental clinic of any changes to any policy holder’s dental plan.

The patient/responsible guardian must understand their own dental insurance and have confirmed eligibility with their policy holder’s benefits department before all scheduled appointments. The patient/ responsible guardian must present their dental insurance card at every appointment.

Dental insurance must be valid on the date of service. If it is not always possible to verify coverage on the date of service the patient/guardian will be obligated to full fill all payments at the end of their appointment.

Since the insurance companies have no obligation to disclosure the patient/policy holder need to be prepared to contact their insurance company or plan benefits department for further information. We will help with any paper work needed to file the dental claim for any fees incurred and paid in full by the patient/responsible guardian.

Be advised that dental benefits can be limited by an annual benefit maximum. This limit is NOT calculated for each dental office. The insurance companies will keep track of what amounts have been used at each and every location as each claim arises.

Be advised that some dental plans only covers a reduced amount at an outdated fee guide. Our clinic follows the current general practitioners’ fee guide produced by the BC Dental Association which reflects the expertise, costs factors, training involved to deliver the services provided.
Dental plans often have a deductible that the policy holder is obligated to pay.

Having dual dental insurance will also affect the ratio of coverage by any one plan.  Our clinic will do our best to sort out these convoluted arrangements and help the patient/policy holder maximum coverage while following policy protocol.

Dental insurance companies can also impose coverage limits on dental laboratory fees.  The balance of payment on these will also ultimately befall on the patient/responsible guardian.