Do whitening toothpastes actually work? September 23, 2015

Do whitening toothpastes actually work?


Have you ever wanted to have fantastic white teeth at the convenience of your own home? How are they supposed to work and do they even work? It really depends on what types of stains you have and the type of toothpaste you choose!

Important considerations

Contrary to a whitening treatment at the dental office, whitening toothpastes will take weeks of diligence to see any results. It is important to remember that healthy teeth always come first, so if whitening your teeth with any of the following techniques will be detrimental, avoid it.

Types of whitening toothpastes

It’s funny to think that there are actually multiple types of whitening toothpastes! There are two major ones on the market. All of which have their own special results and ways they work.

Micro grits

Micro grits use tiny particles, usually calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate. These little grains help polish and buffer your teeth. Then a light chemical will help pull out the stains ingrained in your tooth!

Blue covarine

This chemical is the best for immediate results. By using the art of optical illusions you can spoof your yellow teeth into looking whiter! The colour blue helps cancel the yellowness of your teeth and in turns leads to a whiter brighter smile! This effect is temporary, however, and only serves as an immediate aid.

There are other options…

Not only are there toothpastes to choose from, but, there are also teeth whitening strips and at home bleaching trays. These are considered more professional options as they can give a more lustrous shine in less time.

Teeth whitening strips

These are an excellent choice for those who wish for a faster and more permanent option. By using these strips they in fact strip and pull off a layer of your teeth. Hopefully showing the underlying white. Surface stains are most affected by this treatment. However, continued and constant use of this product can lead to unnecessary enamel damage.

At home bleaching trays

These are similar to the procedure that you would receive at a dental office. However, the concentrations of the chemical are watered down and diluted. Because of the strength of these formulas, this treatment must be applied multiple times over a few weeks.

In Office teeth whitening

Results are instantaneous.  Our dental office found that the POLA cold cure multi-stage succession method generated the least amount of sensitivity after whitening.  Dis-coloration is leached out of the enamel but can leave the enamel temporarily more vulnerable to stain immediately after the procedure. Nonetheless we do not recommend our patients do this more than once per year.

You still have us!

Remember if you are still having doubts whether which option is best for you, you can always talk to us! Feel free to drop us a call or come in for a consultation!


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